Biotecnologías SRL

It is an Argentine company that produces modern, high quality biomaterials to be applied in medicine and dentistry, in the country and abroad. In our company quality is guaranteed by interdisciplinary teamwork, through the interaction of physicians, dentists, biotechnologists, pharmacists and quality management specialists. Authorization by ANMAT PM 2158-1.

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Our customer service

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing them with easy-to-access products and services of the highest certified quality and free from known risks. We have the mission to promote continuous improvement as an organizational attitude that involves all areas of our company.

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Bioctecnologías SRL is a modern company of national capitals located at Parque Industrial Metropolitano in the city of Pérez (Santa Fe), dedicated…


OstiumMAX is a bovine bone mineral. The highly purified mineral osteoconductive structure is made from…